Performing Arts Premiere

One of my favorite traditions at Cambridge is our Premiere concert, which features the top ensembles from each of our music programs. This concert is unique in that it focuses on collaboration between the ensembles, and generally is the only concert each year where we have the opportunity to combine multiple groups while performing a single piece. This year our combined works are "And Can It Be," by Dan Forrest (Camerata, Wind Symphony, Mastery Women's Choir), and "Berceuse and Finale" from the 'Firebird Suite' by Igor Stravinsky, arranged by Merle Isaac (Camerata, Chamber Orchestra, Wind Symphony).

"And Can It Be" is a gorgeous, lush orchestration of Charley Wesley's hymn tune that calls on each musician to explore phrasing, tone color, and balance between the instrumental and vocal lines. "Berceuse and Finale" from the 'Firebird Suite' is one of the great symphonic masterworks of the Western classical tradition. It calls for an enormous orchestra (there will be almost 90 musicians on stage!), and contains challenging modern tonalities and extreme dynamic contrasts as well as solo features for multiple instruments.

The Performing Arts Premiere is at 7:00pm tonight (September 19th) in the Cambridge High School Theater. We hope you can join us for what will surely be an extraordinary performance!

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